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As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, CSI Logistics℠ has been consistently recognized for exceptional service through creating customized uninterrupted operations, warehousing, and distribution services scaled to our client's requirements. Our Bay Area headquarters and national logistics network are designed to help you streamline your business.

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CSI Logistics: Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

CSI Logistics℠ helps you focus on what you do best - the manufacturing side of your business, while we take care of the warehousing, transportation, and 3PL services - what we do best. From managing your inventory, on-site desktop and bench-top deliveries to complete customized logistics solutions, we can be the logistics arm of your business. 

3pl services include international logistics

International Port Logistics

With our flag ship warehouse in San Leandro located less than 10 miles from the Port of Oakland and 2 miles from Oakland International Airport, we are perfectly positioned to take care of all of your international chemical and specialty material logistics and transportation needs.

Third party logistics company that specializes in chemicals and hazardous materials

Specialty Gas Logistics

When dealing with hazardous materials such as flammable, corrosive, or toxic gases and oils, safety and efficiency is the main concern. CSI Logistics℠ has developed fully integrated multimodal transportation methods specifically for your industry to ensure the handling of your cargo is of the highest standard. 

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